The Exquisite Corpse

Yesterday, as part of my Content presentation at the really, truly, super-fun and informative Gawker Media National Sales Meeting, I asked everyone in attendance to play a surrealist game entitled The Exquisite Corpse. Here are the rules:

Exquisite Corpse is a Surrealist game in which sentences were created by a group of people, each person unaware of what previous players had written. The Surrealists also played a similar game with drawings instead of words.

Materials Needed:

Paper for each player


Steps for the Writing Game:

Gather a group of three to five family members or friends.

Decide on a sentence structure for the game. (For example: article + adjective/noun/verb/adjective/noun)

Write two words for the first part of the sentence (article + adjective).

Fold your piece of paper over to conceal the words and pass it to the next person.

The next person should write a word from the next part of speech (noun), conceal it, and pass the paper to the next person.

When a round has been completed, open the papers and read the sentences aloud. The results are often strange and humorous!


The hairy queen wears huge lamps.

The slimy candle tickles flashy shoeboxes.

Part of my mission was to break up the day a little bit (even though it was far from boring) with an activity, and hopefully, a bit of levity. I also wanted to have people think about words and connect them to our work as the atomic unit of our atomic unit, the post.


Here are the sentences that resulted (edited slightly for spelling/grammar, which the surrealists would hate, but they are dead and I'm not (yet) so I do as I please). Surprisingly, only a few sex/fart/toilet mentions! And there are lotsa puppies. And lotsa green...we all know what that means.

1. Your pretty hair hijacks its sexy Phoenix, Arizona

2. The large porpoise sleeps the psychotic pineapple

3. This fanfuckingtastic sunflower erects a stinky toilet

4. Her cacophonous banana farts our pretty Flo-Jo

5. My stupid croissant smashed multiple sexy Salvador Dalis

6. Your green buffalo danced the Dentonian Mehico!

7. Our beautiful Yosemite National Park prancercizes the hilarious hooker

8. Your prickly puppy soars the balls mayonnaise

9. The imitating potato chips jiggle the sleepy hamster

10. Your shitty puppies smile an old Africa

11. Many smelly games farted a delicious post office

12. Our stupid quesadilla vomited your stressful toilet

13. Your shitty dinner sleeps many crunchy dudes

14. Your squishy shoes text a furry sun

15. Our sexy elephant collapses some huge banana

16. Her beautiful Grumpy Cat inspires my hideous wagon

17. The green puppy kisses the blue Stalin

18. Your warm laser forgets many injured home

19. The slutty sandwich smells the green El Salvador

20. My sky poop runs his strong gum

21. Our slimy drawer runs my smelly Obama

22. Your humongous NYU poops large cloud

23. Your exquisite dogs vomit dog

Ad@: I love all of you. Madly.

[Image of Salvador Dali "at work" via]

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